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Traditional media like radio, tv, magazine, newspaper, pamphlets, billboards and other media outlets have been losing space for digital media.


That is more than proven fact.

Before the arrival of the internet has already had an evolution. The ads migrated from print media to the radio and then television.

With the arrival of the Internet that has changed. Who dictates the rules now is the consumer. He's in charge of what you want or don't want to see or read, and you can only achieve this naturist entrepreneur public is integrated in this new means of communication that is online advertising.

The Portal THE NATURAL is today the busiest site by followers of this philosophy of life, are more than 6,000 pageviews daily and keeps growing month by month, a great achievement with a segmented site, our readers are highly connected in health and wellness, tourism, News and events, valuing the materials published therein, sharing massively large portions of our content.

And you, what are you waiting for to integrate your company in the Portal THE NATURAL?

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