3rd League Nudist in Meco without prejudice
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3rd League Nudist in Meco without prejudice

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of social nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.


As mentioned in this definition of International Naturist Federation, naturism is the practice of nudity in a social environment and seeks the well-being resulting from the sharing of our body with the natural elements. After all, if you think about it, that most natural and pleasant may exist that the pleasure of body freedom in full contact with the water, the air and the Sun.

Unfortunately, in our modern society insists on nudity appear essential and closely linked to eroticism, about being sexualized body presented as a mere pleasure object, or exploited to exhaustion, by advertising in "physical perfection", to the service of fashion and profit, or otherwise doomed by cultural and religious custom of a pseudo-moral requiring "hiding" of certain areas of the body , deemed "dirty and sinful". After all, two sides of the same coin – the lack of respect for our essence and for unity and dignity of your entire body.

Abolished these prejudices and taboos that naturist practice promotes greater Joie de vivre and a psychic and physical harmony that promotes self-esteem, calm and relax physical and emotional.

Simply living a naturist experience once, to understand and feel the healthy range of the practice. Although the nudity is the most prominent and controversial naturist practice, your universe of influence is much broader and its perception will increasing as we enter this lifestyle.

Naturism in Portugal had its first historical record in 20 years of the last century, associated with the Portuguese Naturist Society, where the anarcho-syndicalist José Peralta was prominent figure. Practiced to nudity on the beaches of Costa da Caparica.

With the establishment of the dictatorial regime, naturists movements were limited to vegetarian and chains of alternative medicines, since nudity was banned and associated with the crime of "indecent exposure". Just after the April 25 if (re) start to generate the drives connected to the practice of nudity.

LN18And it was in this sense that Jose Sousa, a supporter of athletics, which account in your awards with 66 Road and mountain marathons and ultramarathons 56 started this event in 2013, and that today the third edition, this year the 20th anniversary celebrations of the legalization of this beach, to the practice of nudism.

Julio Edwards, President of the Naturist Club Centre, said it's an honor to support these events that contribute to the demystification of Nudism and naturism that gives a feeling of freedom, indescribable, contributing to the self-esteem, concluding that these events are all the same, the only difference about thinner, fatter, more ups or downs, but all in the same condition without clothes.

Praia do Meco or Low mill beach is a beach on the West coast of the municipality of Sesimbra. Extensive (about 4 km) and sea sometimes wild, the part South of the great Dune is legalized for the practice of naturism. Was this fact that Praia do Meco became famous.

Praia do Meco remained practically unknown due to isolation and difficult access. Began to gain fame in the summer of the early 70. A group of hippies Americans, Swedes and Dutch discovers the beach without roads. Fifteen years after the arrival of this group, the beach has become the holiday destination of some elite, composed mainly by artists, politicians, people of television and high finance.

Praia do Meco was one of 21 finalists in the contest The beaches 7 Wonders-beaches of Portugal, in the category of Cliffs.

Proof that toured part of praia do Meco, have a smaller back and bigger, with a slope steeper than in previous editions and after the first pass looked like it had been the beach well grossinho plowed, but nothing that would discourage him from the participants to continue and finish the race, this year also with the particulariedade of a good part of the athletes have used tennis to protect the feet, but as the regulation itself said taking the ladies "that physical pain for reasons have breasts may use a bra, as discreet as possible" nothing else was allowed to use.

81 registered new record, 65 (59 men and 6 women) finished, Vasco Marques was the youngest athlete in proof and Alberto the oldest Marine with 84 years.

Check out the best moments from the 3 Mile Beach Nudist Meco in the gallery below

Sangeeta won without contest, followed by Adedayo Antunes and Vasco Mahmood to fill immediate positions in the usual female suspect was the winner Elizabeth Maldonado, followed by Patricia Ribeiro and Fatemeh Pungirum (Brazilian) who returned to repeat his participation of the previous edition, and keep this event with international level.

Our team the practitioner/c. d. Millennium Wings had increased five athletes representation against the three 2014) through Fabio Bucks the best ranked to get the 9th place in the overall standings, António Soares and David Silva, women's Cvsn Manuel was in the fourth and the fifth female Vanda Ferreira.

After the race, participants were treated to a cocktail reception for all can recover energies, especially with the blonde well fresh.

Next year we will be there to participate, to contribute to their disclosure, and we hope that the number of participants is exceeded 100, also by a greater number of representatives of this project "the practitioner".

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