Portugal will host the International Congress of Naturism
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Portugal will host the International Congress of Naturism

Portugal will host the World Congress of Naturism in 2018. 11 days to October 14 2,018 off the coast of Capariga, in Almada


Like every year, the motto of the international Naturist Federation explains to be naturist is a way to live in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity, aiming to promote self-esteem, respect for others and the environment.

As mentioned in this definition of the International Naturist Federation, naturism is the practice of nudity in a collective environment and seeks the well-being resulting from the sharing of our body with natural elements. In the end, if you think about it, there may be something more natural and pleasant than the pleasure of freedom full body contact with exposure to water, air and solar?

After New Zealand, now Portugal sediara the event in 2018.

A FPN-Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo through its affiliated entities organize indoor activities that keeps the active naturism even in the colder months and at the same time, social interaction between members, friends and family. Throughout the year, the affiliated organizations FPN organize tours, allowing greater coexistence between naturists and non-naturists. The walks in the textile environment represent an excellent opportunity to bring families together.

Portugal is a country with a growing naturist tradition and well organized by various associations and federations that govern different activities so that all people can enjoy naturism with total normality.

Naturism in Portugal had your first record in 20 years of the last century, along with the Portuguese Naturist Society, where the anarcosindicalista José Peralta was a prominent figure. The nudity was already practiced on the beaches of Costa da Caparica.

With the establishment of the dictatorship, naturists movements were limited to vegetarian current and alternative medicine, since nudity was banned and associated with indecency crime. Only after April 25 is that resumed the movements linked to the practice of collective nudity.

Executive Council-2016/18

President: Rui Elvas-CNI-N FPN 1375
Vice President: Paula Batista-CNI-N FPN 1550
Vice President: Paulo Garcia, CNI-N FPN 1238

General Assembly-2016/18

President: Julius Edwards-CNI-N FPN in 1193
Secretary: Isabel Hermoso-CNN-N FPN 1335
Secretary: s = Carolina Saws-CNI-N FPN 1496

Supervisory Board-2016/18

President: José Sousa-CNI-N FPN 775
Secretary: José Reis-CNI-FPN N 906
Speaker: Maria Martins-CNI-N FPN 1237

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