The Free body culture
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The Free body culture

Don't be alarmed if you're wandering around Germany and encountering various people practicing naturism in public places, there is a movement that is called "free body culture or German Freikörperkultur abbreviated as FKK.


In Berlin, for example, it is quite unusual to find naked people to visit points of interest in the city. In the City Park, called "Tiergarten", there is an area of FKK. And oddly enough, she is in plain sight. Every tourist that pass near the monument "Obelisk of victory", called in German Siegessäule summer several people of any age, often whole families sunbathing naked on the lawn of the Park.

The lawn is out not only for the people who go to visit the monument, but also to all those who pass by car, on foot or even by bike for Grand Avenue that passes in front of this, as you can see in the photo below taken in this park.

Sounds weird, doesn't it? For tourists from very conservative countries like ours, this may sound crazy, but to live in the city and begin to understand the idea of motion and after spending a winter in Germany, is to make a little Sun that we really want is to run to the Park and take everything to enjoy the Sun.

It is important to remember that this movement has no sexual intent, participating in people of any age and gender.


Is forced to be naked?

It depends on the place in public places in the case of the Park is optional, it is very common to find people in bathing suits or shorts. However, there are spaces, specifically for practitioners of the FKK (naturistmo) where you can be required.

In "the beach" of Lake Wannsee in Berlin, the beach is split among the bathers with clothes and the FKK movement. The two sides are separated by a sort of screen.

And you, what do you think of the FKK movement? On a trip to Germany, would in the mood?

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