Minho: solidarity Calendar already got 18000 euros to help students

13 December 2017

Professor and Associação Académica da Universidade do Minho project started four years ago and, in the last three editions, managed EUR 18000 to help students with difficulties.


About four years ago, when the country was one of the worst cycles of crisis, Nuno Gonçalves, professor and photographer, began to realize that there were students with difficulties in paying tuition fees. It was at this time that, with the support of several students, emerged the solidarity calendar.


With the support of Associação Académica da Universidade do Minho (AAUM), Nuno Gonçalves was so mentor (and official photographer) this calendar of solidarity, which already goes to your fourth edition.

With the last three editions was able to raise about 18000 euros ", which is delivered in full to the Emergency Social Fund of the University of Minho, to help students in difficulty.


"I started having some students who were asking to pay the monthly fee in a phased manner or later, because they were in trouble," reports Nuno Gonçalves, judo coach, the News by the minute.

The teacher, supported by AAUM and counting with several students who were volunteering, then decided to create this project, the Solidarity of the AAUMinho Calendar. "In the first edition of the calendar had a donation of $5000 from the International Federation of Judo", indicates.

In front of your camera pose students, but also professional athletes. Sakthivel Machado (athletics), Rita Days (roller hockey), Emanuel Silva (Olympic canoeing champion) and the women's handball team Uto. This year, including, internationalized, including Rocío Sánchez Estepa (University karate world champion).


"We have two major goals: first, of course, is to raise funds to help students because, ultimately, it is the money that will make a difference to a student can stay in higher education. Second: to draw attention to this problem which is forfeit and the abandonment of higher education by lack of funds ", ends Nuno Gonçalves.

The calendar can be purchased on the premises of the University of Minho or the page «catalogue, a sponsor. Has a cost of 5 euros.

Via News by the minute, Publisher N