Athletes run dressed as they came to the world in the Bare Burro 5 k
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Athletes run dressed as they came to the world in the Bare Burro 5 k

Every year in the South of the State of California in the USA is held the Bare Burro nude 5 k race


Há muitas corridas nuas ao redor do país, atraindo centenas de corredores para um dia de liberdade, exercício e diversão. A série Bare Buns Fun Run é um total de 3 eventos no Kaniksu Ranch , Fraternity Snoqualamie e Wreck Beach, em Vancouver, Canadá, que atrai centenas de corredores para cada evento. Em 2009, o vencedor bateu um recorde impressionante de 00:16:33,

Southern California always faced a challenge of not having nudist resorts with enough spaces to host a 5 k race. But with millions of people living in the area, and tens of thousands of runners participating in the 5 k run from San Diego to Santa Barbara – it's time to put your shoes (and nothing else) and run. The idea has been supported by Nike and Goodr Sunglasses with your videos in a nude race, which you can see in the video above and right after the call to the event this year.


Thanks to the organizers Ken and Bobby at Olive Dell Ranch, was created a 5 k trail course that follows trails through Olive Dell and in some adjacent private properties. The inscription is $ $25, including a t-shirt with a right to spend the entire day at Olive Dell with many planned amusement for the post-race party. The race starts and ends at Olive Dell with swimming pool, terraces, a huge jacuzzi, games room and restaurant.

There are prizes for the best halls divided by categories according to age range and for men and women. If you want to run, walk, or a little of both is a great way to become active, do something different and fun. You can get registration forms home page Olive Dell Ranch , or online at


The Things To Do Nude team is helping with the Organization and advertising. Running naked is natural (it's good for the body and mind) and fun. Mark Sunday April 18 on your calendar, sign-up now and run dressed as came into the world, has something better?

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