Odors emitted by nature can avoid stress and cancer
published by The Naturists

Odors emitted by nature can avoid stress and cancer

Just a nice walk through a dense forest or in the middle of a forest to be sure the welfare and tranquility to the ares, and smells of green bring us.


Scientists at the Nippon medical school, Tokyo confirmed objectively what our body tells us: smell of nature can dramatically decrease the pressure of the human body and even stimulating molecules that fight several diseases such as cancer.

According to the study, so that the odors of the forest they enter our body, stress levels and reduce irritation immediately. The most prolonged and intense exposure to the smell of the Green can reduce blood pressure and therefore strengthen the immunity of the bodies.


The Qing Li scientist created within the school Research Centre International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine, which aims to apply aromatherapy based on odor of forests as alternative treatments. A similar effect occurs when simply look to forests – even in photographs-but the study of Li points effect especially efficient when used the odors.

If often science is fundamental to discover and invent improvements to our lives, other times your task is only to confirm what naturists already know: take a walk in the Green and take a deep breath makes a huge well to our bodies. It becomes more evident that save nature is a matter of public health.

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