About Us

Naturists already exists since 2,010, disseminating the Naturism through their pages on social networks and blogs THE NATURAL and NATURIST DIARY (the latter in English).

Due to the large audience of these blogs, we now NATURISTS PORTAL.

During this year, we feel that we should expand our activities to better meet the naturist. So, we launched this portal where we can fix Health and Wellness Once our naturist philosophy preaches a healthy relationship in the ecosystem to which we belong, and is in the balance of our position that is our philosophy and our attitude to nature.

We defend the natural processes whenever we can override to defend the environment, industrial, physical exercise, healthy eating, yoga, naturopathy, which is the science of health which combines natural therapies, traditional and modern scientific medicine. Its philosophy aims to prevent, identify the essential cause of the diseases or imbalances and stimulate the body to heal itself, anyway, anything that might lead us to a mind and body are.

Here you will stay on top of everything that goes on in the naturist world through News which will be updated daily, Tourism, with the tips of the best destinations for your next vacation and Events in Brazil and in the world.

Be very welcome to your new portal!