Exclusive: check out the best moments of the 8 walk in the Place Itaguaçu
published by The Naturists

Exclusive: check out the best moments of the 8 walk in the Place Itaguaçu

Think of a magical place, with lots of green paradise and beach with crystal clear waters, this place is the beach Itaguaçu

I arrived in Angra dos Reis coming from Sao Paulo on Saturday morning, I went to Marcia's house where I've had some friends that were pernoitado by there and I used to have a nice cup of coffee with friends, soon after followed up to the market to buy some drinks and fruits to make drinks, alias the Emmanuel specializes in among them pineapple caipirinha , passion fruit and lemon.

We went to the Pier Santa Luzia to catch the boat towards the big island the day had dawned a little chilly and cloudy was giving way to a beautiful sunny day, the fun has already begun at the boat with a lot of chat, photos and etc, we got the big island around 10:00 hs and to my surprise the Vera Bortololtti was already there enjoying a bath of Sun in that paradise We follow up our rooms to let your bags get dressed and get the most out of that beautiful day.

In the place there is a split into two beautiful little houses and bucolic, in one of the bedrooms and bathrooms with a living room on the other is the restaurant and the kitchen of delicious cuisine caiçara fish is eating praying after lunch we take a NAP and get ready for the luau at dinner our friend Emmanuel commanded the barbecue on the menu fish and meat I stay on fish Unfortunately Marcia our light was very hoarse due to a cold and can't present the monologue about the Luz del Fuego, but it was still a lot of fun and you can check out the movie above.

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On Sunday morning I took advantage to shoot some footage before breakfast, after breakfast we follow to another part of the beach that sits in the back of one of the houses, a secretive place separated by some rocks, this is the place that did the interview with Marcia who explained why she want to turn that space into a naturist area that you can check also in the movie above after taking advantage of a beautiful morning of beach and many jokes a few drinks we went to lunch that was simply divine.

After lunch we participate in beautiful ritual taught by Vera Bortolotti where each answer the question "what does the naturism for you?", unfortunately due to the noise of the breaking wave on the Beach the sound was pretty undermined almost inaudible so I had to improvise by placing only pictures with background music, was one of the most exciting parts of this meeting, a little later we prepare to take the boat in the direction of Angra dos Reis , were two days that will be etched forever in my memory. Gratitude for being able to enjoy this weekend alongside so many friends.

By Celso Costa, Publisher N