Portugal on the route of the international naturist
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Portugal on the route of the international naturist

With a team active and tune the FPN-Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo through your President Rui Elvas and your Vice President Paulo Garcia put Portugal on the route of the International Naturism.


The Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo completed 40 years of activity this year. The FPN is the only entity in Portugal credited for the issuing of Identity card, recognized by Naturist INF-International Naturist Federation.

The Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo gathers currently the Naturist Club, Naturist Club in the Algarve the Portuguese society of Naturalogia and the Association Naturist affiliated Soul recently. Portugal will host the next International Congress of Naturism.


Photo: The President of the FPN, Rui Elvas and vice President Paulo Garcia (right of photo)

Portugal has eight official beaches for the practice of naturism (among them we highlight the Praia do Meco) the goal is that the naturist community feel free to practice naturism without censorship, resorts, guesthouses, clubs and etc.

Praia do Meco


Photo: Nudist Beach International League Meco

The naturist beach of Meco is on Aldeia do Meco, on the western coast of the municipality of Sesimbra. Extensive (about 4 km) the part South of the great Dune is legalized for the practice of naturism. Praia do Meco is the stage of the League International annual event a Nudist every edition has won a greater number of participants. Praia do Meco is considered the Mecca of naturism and the most internationally known Portuguese.



Photo: naturist Swimming one of the indoor activities of Naturist Club of the Center

The Naturist Club CentrePromotes various activities indoor activities such as pool, (pictured above) Hydro gymnastics, yoga and meditation as well as other naturist activities such as hiking, beaches and visits to naturist parks. The CNC has been excelling in the Portuguese many events promoting naturism.

What Portugal offers naturist tourist

Portugal has about 16 naturist centres around the parents among them we highlight the Monte Naturista o Barão and Quinta do Maral


Photo: naturist Tourist in the bungalow of the Monte Naturista o Barão

Monte Naturista o Barão managed by Laura and Jeff, is located in the zone of Abela, in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém, this is one of the best-known spaces to enjoy natural holidays in Portugal. Monte Naturista O Barão has four wooden bungalows that can accommodate up to 4 people with prices starting from €46, restaurant, library, wi-fi and also has an area for camping, which can receive tents and trailers, saltwater pool.


Photo: Nude Horse Ride on Thursday of Maral

A Quinta do Maral It is located in the Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede, Quinta do Maral occupies an area of 10 hectares and has a swimming pool, bar and recreation area and library, providing even the scheduling of activities such as massages, birdwatching and hiking. In essence, this space of naturism is a family campsite, with areas for tents and trailers, prices from €4.50 for those who prefer more comfort, you can select the Corner of olives, an apartment with bedroom, living room, kitchenette and bathroom from €100.

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